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Solar energy is
our passion

Independent Green Technologies, doing business as IGT Solar, has proudly been installing solar energy independence since 2008.

Why switch to Solar?

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Renewable, clean solar energy to power your home and stabilize your utility costs over time.
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Fixed electricity costs
for the lifetime of
the system.
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Help provide pure, solar energy to not only your home or business, but the surrounding community with Net Metering.
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40% Federal Tax Credit
for renewable energy projects through 2023.
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Lower your overall environmental impact.
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Add solar batteries for Backup power instead of a generator.

Why Choose
IGT Solar?

IGT Solar, same business, same quality, new look. We are still Independent Green Technologies, just with a new look and name.
Trusted. Local. IGT has consistently led Florida in solar energy installation and consulting.
We have the experience and team to determine the best options for your project, and then install them with the highest skill and integrity.
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Here at IGT, we care about the environment and our impacts on it as individuals and a society. We strive to be a part of a better direction.
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IGT Solar is now a Tesla Powerwall
Certified Installer!

IGT Solar has been the choice Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Installer for many years and installed Power Wall battery backup systems with other partners. We now provide and service directly to customers the Tesla Solar and Battery Systems like Power Wall Plus. By combining solar with Tesla Powerwall, a rechargeable home battery, you can run your home on clean energy around the clock, detect outages, and store excess energy for use anytime—even during a power outage.

The process

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Installation complete and your savings begin. Your home is now powered by the sun!
A white two story house with dark blue solar panels on the roof.

Solar Financing
Made Easy

Flexible financing available with $0 down loans.

what our customers say about us

5 yellow stars

“We got solar panels installed by IGT on our roof last month. The people I interacted were extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. Whatever the opposite of “pushy” is, they were *that* during the sales process. The timelines were well-communicated [~3 months from signing the contract to turning the switch “on”], and stuck to. The entire installation and post-installation crew were also superb. Based on my experience so far, I have no hesitation in recommending them strongly!”

- Sachin S.
5 yellow stars

“Low bidder, responsive, friendly, worked well around our in & out schedule, presented a technically more capable front, handled all city, state and permitting issues without us being involved, knew and worked well with our other contractors, and it’s all installed and working,  aka, a 5-star recommendation.

- Stephen P.
5 yellow stars

IGT is a company run and staffed by people passionate about solar.  The staff is up to date on the latest trends and equipment in a rapidly changing field.  With IGT you will get a system with the best components, very well designed, and expertly installed, all at a competitive price.  IGT worked with us, step-by-step, in planning, perfecting, and installing our >30 kw system with battery back-up.  Also, having IGT guiding our project through the permit process with our local government was a tremendous benefit. If you live in the Tallahassee area, and you are thinking about solar, IGT is the way to go.  IGT will not only design and install a great solar system, but they will stand by it long after the work trucks drive away.

- David D.
5 yellow stars

I could not be happier with the solar arrays that IGT installed for us in our backyard.  The construction is incredibly solid, and the panels/inverters are of high quality.  There is no doubt that this thing will still be standing after a major hurricane!  Hats off to Jordan for working with me on the design and getting our financing in order.  Its been a real pleasure watching the whole process of putting something like this in, from building the racks, to digging the trench to run the powerlines, to the actual panel installs... These guys are pro's, and they stand by their products and services!  I look forward to working with them again in the near future on a battery system and possibly solar water heaters.

- Michael V.
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