IGT is a full-service solar power company offering custom system designs, flexible financing options, and speedy installation for homeowners. We handle it all so you don’t have to.

Commercial / Agricultural

In today's competitive marketplace, cost control and return on investment are what drives a businesses success. There is no return on investment(ROI) from your utility company, but there is with solar. Investing in a solar system will help lower your costs and your ROI only grows as time goes on. 


'Going Green' is important in today's political climate. Whether you are a Municipal, State or Federal entity, IGT can help you be on the forefront of the Green Movement. So utilize the sun with solar panels to lower your entity's operational cost.



At IGT, we strive to inspire and empower anyone interested in renewable energy. We aim to break the bonds of the predominantly fossil fuel powered grid and become part of the green power revolution. By turning our customers from captive energy consumers into educated energy producers and conservers, we will ensure a better life for us all. 

IGT will provide the assessment, installation and connections for financing an innovative clean energy solution. We provide services to residential homeowners, large and small commercial businesses and government entities.


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Now serving customers in the Southeastern US and Texas with offices in Tallahassee, FL and the Dallas Fort Worth area. 


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